AI Glimpses


At Vijaya Diagnostic Centre, we have seen glimpses of application of AI with our Semen Analyzer SQA Vision and newly launched IRIS for CUE. The machine is intelligent enough for cognitive functions such as identifying different cells, morphology and viability. We at Vijaya by our rigorous validation and manual verification process have applied statistical methods, computational intelligence and have made the machines learn to identify more precisely making them smart enough to give us exact results.

Incorporation of the most advanced technology has helped us deliver precise, unbiased reports each and every time with minimal deviations.

We have verified the accuracy improvement by hand holding the machine and cross-checking the results given by manual methods (i.e.human interference). With continuous improvement and verification process, we are now confident that the machines are intelligent enough to be made independent.

This greatly helps us shift our focus to the next level of Disease Diagnosis and Human Wellbeing.

Great support and the vision of our Management with dedicated QAD, LAB personnel have been the backbone of this endeavour. With support from all other areas of Vijaya, we are attaining greater heights with optimal utilisation of both people & machines.