Corporate Wellness

Vijaya Diagnostic Centre Limited provides a wide range of Corporate Wellness solutions and we are the most preferred diagnostic partner for over 400 corporates. We believe that a healthy workforce translates into increased productivity for any organization. The corporate services offered by Vijaya range from a one-time annual health check-up to comprehensive health & wellness solutions that can be availed by employees. We offer unmatched network coverage with over 120+ branches spread across 4 states and 12 cities. We offer onsite as well as offsite health check-ups depending on the client requirement.

1. Pre-employment Health Check-up:   
Vijaya offers special packages that include tests like: Fasting Blood Sugar, ECG, Blood Grouping & Rh Typing, CBC, Kidney Profile, Liver Profile, Blood Pressure, Stool Routine, Chest X-ray, Ultrasound Abdomen and more. We have General Physicians who offer Fitness Evaluation/Certificates to the candidates basis their reports. This helps in determining the fitness level of a particular employee.

2. Annual Health Check-up:   
Our Annual Health checkup packages offerings cover 360-degree evaluation of the employees. It has a comprehensive health evaluation and can be customized as per the requirement of the organizations. Vijaya’s employee health management program is a unique 360-degree program focused on delivering favorable health outcomes. In this program, we focus on the prognosis and prevention of the issue rather than just focusing on diagnosis.

3. Drug panel tests, Food Handlers Check-ups and Hazardous testing:  
We offer wide range of Drug Panel tests and Hazardous testing to evaluate/screen your workforce against a range of Drugs. We also offer screening for Food Handlers as per the need of FSSAI. If your workforce is involved in handling hazardous wastes or with exposure to chemicals then Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is the one stop solution to screen them periodically.

4. Special Discounts:  
Your employees can avail special discounts on our selected investigations throughout the year once we partner with you. This helps them to get quality diagnostic services at special prices for themselves or their dependents.

Vijaya Diagnostic offers periodic health interventions by way of performing routine diagnostic tests, analyzing the test results, and building and executing an action plan for improving individual health. Health evaluations done at the beginning and the end of the annual wellness program indicate any improvement in individual and overall health and also help determine the efficacy of these interventions.

Once we have you on-boarded, we give a special dedicated report portal access to you so that you can see or download reports of your employees. You also get an overall view of your workforce by smart report that helps you to curate some health programs for improving the health of your workforce.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Centre Details & Locations

You can click on the Centre Locator mentioned on the top right bar of our home page website to locate centres in your city. You can also search in Google “Vijaya Diagnostic Centre near to me” to find the nearest centre.

Yes, most of the centres have this facility.

Yes, you can check the operational timing of a branch by selecting the centre you want to visit on our website or Google map of respective centre

Health Checkup & Packages

The validity of a health check package is 30 days from the date of invoice, for more detail to Terms & Condition of use section on our website.

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Once the validity period is over for your registered package, the package cannot be availed. The amount paid by you during the registration process is non-refundable, non-transferable and gets forfeited if you do not visit the branch within the validity period. The amount paid by you during the registration of the special package cannot be utilized for availing other packages.

No. These are special promotional packages which are available for registration only during the specific campaigns and thus it is important for you to register there during the event/campaign. These are specially designed and discounted packages which are only available during the campaign with specific validity period.

The package once registered, is non-transferable. One has to utilize the package for the registered customer only.

Home Sample Collection

Yes, you can book a Home Sample collection by filling form on our website or calling our customercare number at 040-2100 0000.

Yes, you can prepone/postpone an appointment by calling our customercare number at 040-2100 0000.


Visit Home page of our website Click Download reports icon new window will open and need to login with User Id and Password (its mentioned on the bill copy provided to you)You will see your latest report in PDF format.

No, your reports would not be shared with anybody else other than you.

Tests Information & Instructions

Yes, fasting is recommended before undergoing a blood test.

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Important Instructions:
  • Generally, fasting is required prior to administering IV contrast. Fasting for ~ 4 hours (solid foods) is recommended.
  • Review of your medical history to determine that no issues exist preventing you from having a CT scan, such as pregnancy / contrast allergy or reaction (i.e., hives, rash, itching, breathing difficulty).
  • A person accompany for IV contrast procedure.

Pre-scan requirements:
  • Some CT scans require drinking oral contrast, for approximately 30–60 minutes prior to your scan.
  • Some CT scans involve an injection of contrast, for which an IV cannula will be inserted.

Post-scan Requirement:

You will be provided with post-procedure instructions at the centre