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What is a BUN test?

A BUN test is a diagnostic test variant that looks at the urea nitrogen levels present in a blood sample drawn from a patient who is suspected of becoming a victim of kidney disease.

You need to take a Vijaya Diagnostics Centre urea test or BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) test when you want to learn about the progress your doctor has made to treat your kidney disease.

A doctor might also prescribe a patient to take a BUN test when the medical professional wants to make sure that their patient’s kidneys are in their prime biological state.

When You Need for BUN Test?

A Bun test is recommended by a doctor when a patient’s blood shows elevated levels of urea nitrogen. A BUN test might also be prescribed by a doctor when the professional wants to understand whether the kidney disease treatment prescribed to a patient is working or not.

What is Included in BUN Test?

A BUN test at Vijaya Diagnostics Centre consists of drawing a 2 ml blood sample from a patient. The blood sample is then subjected to a centrifuge in a bid to separate the serum from the blood of the patient. Approximately 2 ml of the serum obtained from the blood sample of the patient is then subjected to the urease method in a bid to record the blood urea nitrogen level present in the sample.

What is the use of a BUN test?

Blood urea tests in Wanaparthy could be prescribed by a doctor to a patient during a yearly health screening. A BUN test allows a doctor to ascertain that the urea nitrogen levels in a patient’s blood are within the medically permissible levels. If that is not the case then the patient’s blood might become toxic as it would become saturated with urea nitrogen. Furthermore, with the help of a BUN test, a doctor can also establish that the kidneys of a patient are in their prime biological condition. At the same time, if a patient has been receiving treatment for some kind of kidney disease then through a BUN test, it can be ascertained whether the prescribed treatment is working or not.

What can be Detected in BUN Test?

A BUN test is one of the most effective and efficient diagnostic test variants that is used to accurately measure the amount of urea nitrogen a person has in their blood. Urea nitrogen is a waste product that the human body produces during metabolic processes. One of the many biological functionalities of the human kidney is to remove urea nitrogen from one’s blood. When the BUN levels of a person are higher than normal then it can be taken as an indication that the kidneys of the person in question are not functioning as they should. This could be an early sign of a variant of oncoming kidney disease!

How to Prepare for BUN Test?

One would not need to take any specific steps to prepare for a BUN test. But if the doctor of the patient in question has prescribed other tests alongside a BUN test then one might or might not need to fast for several hours. To learn more, it would be best that one consult with their healthcare provider before taking a BUN test.

What are the Precautions for BUN Test?

Before a blood urea nitrogen test, one must make sure that they are informing their doctor or the person who is drawing the sample from the patient’s body that the patient is taking any blood thinning medications. Furthermore, if the patient suffers from any kind of bleeding disorder, then the same information has to be rendered to their doctor or the diagnostic centre staff before a sample for the BUN test is provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a urea nitrogen test?

A BUN test would reveal the exact levels of urea and nitrogen in your blood.

What do high urea and nitrogen content in blood mean?

Elevated levels of nitrogen and urea in a person’s blood indicate that the kidneys of the person are not functioning properly.

What is the normal blood urea nitrogen content?

The normal blood urea nitrogen content of a healthy individual is between 7 and 20 milligrams per decilitre (mg/dL).

When should we worry about blood urea levels?

Urea and nitrogen are waste products created during the metabolic processes of the human body. The kidneys in the human body remove the urea nitrogen from the blood of a person. In case after a BUN test, it was revealed that one’s BUN levels are higher than normal then it might be possible that the person is on their way to being diagnosed with some form of kidney disease.

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