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Book HIV 1 & 2 ANTIBODIES - AUTOMATED test in Wanaparthy

Patient Preparation:HIV Consent form mandatory

HIV 1 & 2 ANTIBODIES - AUTOMATED in Wanaparthy
HIV test is done to detect HIV 1 & 2 infection.
  • Why Take this Test

    If you think that you are exposed to risk factors for HIV 1 & 2, you should undergo this test

    Risk factors:

    • having unprotected anal or vaginal sex;

    • having another sexually transmitted infection

    • sharing contaminated needles, syringes

    • receiving unsafe injections, blood transfusions and tissue transplantation, and medical procedures that involve unsterile cutting or piercing; and

    • experiencing accidental needle stick injuries, including among health workers

    Screening for HIV infection may be recommended in:

    • People with risk factors mentioned above

    • Pregnancy

  • Is this Test For You

    Your Doctor may recommend this test :

    • screening

    • if you have risk factors for HIV infection

    • For the purpose of diagnosis, when you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, such as contact with infected blood or have symptoms associated with HIV and AIDS

  • More Information

    As per NACO guidelines, all reactive samples are tested by three different methods prior to release of report.

    The disease is usually asymptomatic until it progresses to AIDS. Symptoms of AIDS include weight loss, fever or night sweats, fatigue and recurrent infections.

    No cure exists for AIDS, but strict adherence to antiretroviral regimens (ARVs) can dramatically slow the disease's progress as well as prevents secondary infections and complications.

    Individuals can reduce the risk of HIV infection by limiting exposure to risk factors

Sample: Serum (2 mL)

Methodology: CMIA