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Book random plasma glucose test in Tirupathi

Book your random plasma glucose test slot at Vijaya Diagnostics Centre. With the help of accurate random blood glucose readings, you can make sure that you are not on your way to getting diagnosed with hyperglycemia.

What is a random plasma glucose test?

A random glucose test is a diagnostic test that allows one (who is not fasting) to ascertain the glucose levels in their blood are within the medically permissible levels. This diagnostic test is performed assuming that a person has had a meal recently in a bid to keep high reference values compared to the reference values typically set for a person who is fasting for a blood glucose test.

One must remember that a random blood glucose test checks the glucose levels in the blood one can find in their blood capillaries and not in their veins, arteries or interstitial fluid.

It is very important to periodically take random plasma glucose tests in a bid to steer clear of being a pre-diabetic or diabetic patient. Diabetes is a silent killer. If this medical condition is not kept in check through lifestyle changes and medications then one can sustain irreversible damage to their eyes and kidneys. Furthermore, if treatment is not sought on time, a diabetic patient can even lose their life to the disease!

When do you need to take a random plasma glucose test?

One would need to take a random plasma glucose test periodically in a bid to keep tabs on their capillary blood glucose levels. The test is also prescribed to patients who are showing all the classic symptoms of diabetes. This test can also help the doctor of a pre-diabetic or diabetic patient to ascertain whether the treatment prescribed to the patient is working or not.

What is Included in a random plasma glucose test?

Typically, random plasma glucose tests are done using the simple method of pricking the tip of the finger of a suspected diabetic person. A small quantity of blood is then rubbed on the test strip which is then inserted into a blood glucose meter. Although this process might seem ideal, the results from a blood glucose meter are not accurate all the time. For the best results, one should opt for a random plasma glucose test in Tirupathi where 2 ml of blood will be drawn from the patient. The sample would then be put on a centrifuge in a bid to separate the serum from the blood. The sample would then be analysed using CLIA methodology – the most efficient diagnostic method that gives the most accurate results.

What is the use of a random plasma glucose test?

As per the professional opinions of doctors, people who have a blood glucose level of 200 mg/dl or more and are showing the following symptoms need to take random plasma glucose tests

  • Frequent urination
  • Uncontrollable thirst
  • Abrupt weight loss
  • Unexplained bouts of fatigue
  • Blurred vision
  • Unexplained increase in appetite
  • Sores and cuts are taking a long time to heal.
  • What can be Detected in random plasma glucose test?

    With the help of random plasma glucose tests, doctors can check whether the blood of a patient who is showing all the telltale signs of diabetes has medically permissible glucose levels. However, one must remember that this test will not help one to ascertain whether they are in their pre-diabetic stage.

    How to Prepare for random plasma glucose test?

    One doesn’t need to take any special preparatory steps before they give a blood sample for a random plasma glucose test. A blood sample can be drawn from a patient at any time of the day and even if the patient has had a heavy meal recently.

    What are the Precautions for random plasma glucose tests?

    If one is diabetic then they need to ensure that their doctor or the person at the diagnostic centre who is drawing a blood sample is made aware of the fact. One must also ensure that if they are diabetic and are taking this test as per the recommendation of their doctor then they should give the blood sample before they have taken their first shot of insulin or dose of diabetic medicine for the day.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the random plasma glucose normal range?

    The normal random plasma glucose range is 125 mg/dL (6.9 mmol/L) or lower, as per the professional opinions of doctors.

    What if random plasma glucose is high?

    If a person’s random plasma glucose test results show that their plasma glucose level is above 200 mg/dL (11 mmol/L) then it can be concluded that the person is diabetic.

    Is random blood sugar 150 normal?

    Random blood glucose is 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L). 150 mg/dl is a bit higher than normal and this could mean a lot of things. For the best results, seek help from a doctor.

    What is a random plasma glucose test for diabetes?

    A random plasma glucose test allows a doctor to measure the amount of glucose present at any time of the day in a person’s body.