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Book your preferred liver function test at Vijaya Diagnostics centre today. To learn more, please give us a call. If you want to clarify any lingering queries related to this test then please read the following sections.

What is LFT Test?

An LFT (Liver Function Test) is an umbrella term used at reputed diagnostic centres for the group of blood tests that focuses on the hepatic panel of a patient. A doctor would prescribe an LFT when the medical professional wants to learn about the overall condition of a patient’s liver. An LFT test is not a singular test, as already mentioned.

An LFT test could be –

  • Prothrombin time (PT/INR) test
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) test
  • Albumin test
  • Bilirubin (direct and indirect) test, and more.
  • If the results of an LFT test show an elevated level of either liver transaminases aspartate transaminase or alanine transaminase then one can conclude that the patient is suffering from a liver ailment or has sustained injuries to their liver.

    When Do You Need an LFT Test?

    An LFT blood test would be needed when a patient is showing all the telltale signs of liver disease. For instance, if a patient has yellowish skin and eyes as well as suffers frequent bouts of nausea then their doctor would recommend them to take an LFT test.

    What is Included in an LFT Test?

    A liver function test in Tirupathi from a reputed diagnostic centre would begin by drawing a 2 mL sample of blood from the patient. The sample would then be put inside a centrifuge in a bid to separate the serum from the blood cells. About 2 ml of serum from the blood sample would then be subjected to a barrage of test methods depending on the liver function test the doctor of the patient has requested.

    What is the use of an LFT Test?

    An LFT test is primarily used to diagnose whether a patient is suffering from a liver disease variant. The test can also help a doctor track the progress of the treatment that they have suggested to a patient who was previously diagnosed with liver disease.

    Since LFT tests cover several tests, the type and severity of the liver disease can be ascertained easily and efficiently.

    What can be Detected in an LFT Test?

    A liver function test looks at the levels of certain proteins and enzymes in the blood sample drawn from a patient suspected of suffering from liver disease or from one who is being treated for liver disease.

    How to Prepare for an LFT Test?

    One might be asked by their doctor to stop eating and drinking for 8 – 12 hours before their blood is drawn as a sample for an LFT test. One might also need to tell their doctor about the medicines they are required to consume daily so that certain measures could be taken to prepare the blood sample before the same is tested in a bid to keep false or inaccurate results at bay.

    What are the Precautions for an LFT Test?

    One might need to stop taking certain medications before their blood is drawn as a sample for an LFT test. One might also need to fast. It all depends on the type of LFT test one has been prescribed by their doctor. For the best results, one must make sure that they are consulting with the doctor in a bid to clarify all lingering doubts.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the normal LFT test result?

    A normal test result after one has taken an LFT test would look like this. Their ALT. would read between 7 - 55 units per litre (U/L). Their AST would read 8 - 48 U/L. Their ALP would read 40 - 129 U/L.

    What is the best test for liver function evaluation?

    That would be an LFT test. The reason is simple, an LFT test examines the sample of a patient and ascertains whether the protein, enzyme and other substances present in the sample are within their permissible levels. If the levels are within the permissible levels then it can be stated that the liver of the person is working as it should. If that is not the case then it can be due to liver damage.

    Can a blood test detect liver damage?

    Yes, an LFT blood test can be used to look for abnormal blood clotting signs that result from significant liver damage.

    What happens when LFT test results are higher than normal?

    If the LFT results show that a person’s blood sample has elevated levels of liver enzymes then the person might be suffering from hepatitis or other forms of liver disease.