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Vijaya Diagnostic Centre is one of the leading diagnostic centres in Shadnagar that offers quality-assured and reasonably priced CUE tests in Shadnagar. The best part, we deliver complete urine examination test results in the shortest time possible and guarantee the accuracy of the test results!

What is CUE test?

A complete Urine Examination test or CUE test is a diagnostic test variant that allows doctors to understand whether a patient who is showing signs of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), kidney disease, metabolic disorders or diabetes is actually suffering from these ailments. A CUE test can also be prescribed by a doctor to a patient who has been undergoing treatment for the abovementioned ailments in a bid to ascertain whether the prescribed treatment is working or not.

When do You Need CUE test?

A CUE test in Shadnagar is prescribed by doctors when a patient exhibits symptoms of kidney disease(s), UTI, diabetes or metabolic disorders. CUE test is perfect when time is of the essence and a doctor needs rapid test results. A CUE test can also be prescribed for asymptomatic patients. CUE tests can be prescribed to patients who are at least 2 years old or older.

What is Included in the CUE test?

A Complete Urine Examination test in Shadnagar consists of collecting a 15 mL sample from the patient. The next step is to subject the sample to a two-step process. The first step is to subject the urine sample to an automated strip test. An automated strip test makes use of urine test strip analysers. These analyzers measure the pH balance of the sample. At the same time, these analyzing strips also detect the presence of –

  • Calcium
  • Blood
  • Glucose
  • Bilirubin
  • Urobilinogen
  • Ketones
  • Leukocytes
  • Creatinine
  • Microalbumin
  • Ascorbic acid and
  • Protein in the urine sample.
  • The next step of this test is to subject the urine sample to a microscopic test. Here the medical professional would look at a sample of urine from the patient and look for the presence of urinary tract cells, blood cells, calcium crystals, bacteria, parasites, and tumour cells.

    What is the use of a CUE test?

    Your doctor would prescribe you to get a Vijaya diagnostic centre complete urine examination test when you are showing all the common symptoms of –

  • Kidney diseases
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Metabolic disorders or
  • Diabetes
  • Your doctor might also prescribe this test if you are getting treated for one or all of the above ailments in a bid to ascertain whether the prescribed treatment is working or not.

    In case you have had instances of feeling intense pain while urinating, blood in the urine or unexplained abdominal pain then you should get a CUE test and take the results to your doctor in a bid to expedite the treatment for the malady.

    What can be Detected in the CUE test?

    A microscopic paired with a dipstick CUE test allows medical professionals to ascertain whether the urine sample is teaming with bacterial cells due to a UTI. A CUE test also reveals whether the patient is at a higher risk of developing stones in their kidneys in case the urine sample is packed with calcium crystals. CUE tests also help doctors understand whether a patient is on their way to becoming diabetic or getting diagnosed with chronic metabolic issues.

    How to Prepare for CUE test?

    Before booking your CUE test in Vijaya diagnostic centre,make sure that you are informing your family doctor about the medications (if any) that you take regularly. You might also need to tell your doctor whether you have any underlying medical conditions or whether you suffer from any variants of allergies. Informing your doctor before booking a test would allow the people who would run the tests on your urine sample to take the necessary measures in a bid to keep misreading at bay.

    What are the Precautions for the CUE test?

    Before you provide us with a urine sample for a CUE test in Shadnagar,you must make sure that you are holding your urine for at least 1 hour before the sample collection. You must also make sure that you are drinking plenty of water until the moment you give your urine sample.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a complete urine examination (cue)?

    A Complete Urine Examination test is the best way to detect whether you have or are on your way to getting diagnosed with kidney diseases, UTI (urinary tract infection), diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

    What are the 3 types of urine testing?

    Urine testing is performed in three ways. One is a mere visual inspection of the urine sample. The next step is a dipstick test and the final step is a microscopic exam.

    When should I take the cue test?

    You should take a CUE test if you feel intense pain while urinating or if you have seen that blood is coming out every time you urinate. You might also take a CUE test if your urinary tract feels itchy.