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Patient Preparation:No special preparation is required

WIDAL TEST in Nizamabad
Widal test detects the presence of Typhoid fever in you.
  • Why Take this Test

    To get tested for typhoid and paratyphoid fever.

  • Is this Test For You

    Your doctor would recommend this test for you if you show signs of flu like symptoms:

    high fever



    abdominal pain



    weight loss


  • More Information

    The Widal test is one method that may be used to help make a presumptive diagnosis of enteric fever, also known as typhoid fever. It is still in use in many developing countries where enteric fever is endemic and limited resources require the use of rapid, affordable testing alternatives

    A positive Widal Blood Test may indicate:

    Infection with S. enterica

    Vaccination against S. enterica

    Enteric fever, or typhoid fever, if the associated symptoms are present

Sample: Serum (2 mL)

Methodology: Tube Agglutination / Slide Agglutination

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