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Creatinine Test is performed in combination with other tests like BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) and is used largely as a screening test to assess the function of kidneys.

What is Creatinine Test?

Creatinine Test is a blood test that measures the level of creatine in your blood.

Creatine is a waste product produced by muscles, and it's typically excreted through urine. The kidneys are responsible for removing creatinine from your body, so if your kidneys aren't functioning correctly, you might have an increased level of creatinine in your blood.

If you have an elevated creatinine level, it could be a sign that your kidneys aren't working as well as they should be. Creatinine levels are also used to monitor kidney function in people who have diabetes or who are at risk of developing kidney disease.

Why is Creatinine Test Done?

One common reason is to monitor kidney function. Another reason is to determine how well your kidneys work by measuring how much creatinine—a waste product of muscle metabolism—is filtered through your kidneys and passed out in your urine.

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart failure, you may be at increased risk for complications from kidney disease.

What is the Creatinine Test Used for?

The creatinine test can be ordered when you have symptoms that could be caused by problems with your kidneys, such as

  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Face, ankle and wrist swelling
  • Lower back pain
  • Lesser urine frequency
  • swelling in your feet or ankles
  • Trouble urinating.
  • How to Prepare for Creatinine Test in Hyderabad?

    A standard creatinine blood test is commonly used to measure the level of creatinine in the bloodstream (serum creatinine).

    Prior to the test, your physician may request that you refrain from eating (fast) overnight.

    For the creatinine urine test, the clinic may provide you with containers to collect urine over a 24-hour period.

    It may be necessary to avoid consuming meat for a specific duration before either test.If you take a creatine supplement, you will likely need to discontinue its use before the test.

    What You can Expect from Creatinine Test?

    When you get a serum creatinine test, the healthcare professional will need to get a blood sample. This means they'll stick a needle in your arm and take some of your blood out. It might sound a bit scary, but it's really not that bad.

    If you need to do a urine test, you can either go to the clinic and give them a sample there, or you can be a real champ and collect multiple samples over a whole day. Just remember to bring your samples back to the clinic when you're done.

    How to Book Creatinine Test at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad?

    To book Creatinine Test at Vijaya Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad, follow these steps:

  • Visit our website and then go to the relevant page.
  • Select 'Test' from the menu, then click on 'Creatinine Test'. Go to the cart.
  • Fill out all the required fields, including your name, contact number, address, email id and preferred appointment date and time.
  • Click on 'Submit' to go to next page.
  • Complete payment by choosing either cash or card as payment method.
  • You can also call on our helpline numbers or vsit the store directly to book this test.

    What is Creatinine Test Cost in Hyderabad?

    The creatinine test cost in Hyderabad at Vijaya Diagnostics Centre is ₹220.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the normal creatinine level?

    Normal ranges for creatinine are between 0.7 and 1.3 mg/dL (61.9 to 114.9 µmol/L) for men and 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL (53 to 97.2 µmol/L) for women. Women often have a lower creatinine level than men because they generally have less muscle mass.

    What happens if your creatinine is high?

    A higher result than normal may indicate kidney disease. Diabetes nephropathy, or diabetic kidney disease, is one of the complications of diabetes.

    What is creatinine a test for?

    The concentration of creatinine in the bloodstream can be determined through the creatinine blood test, which is typically performed to assess the functionality of the kidneys. The urine test is another means of measuring creatinine levels. Evaluating kidney function is a common use of measuring the level of creatinine in the blood.

    What is the main cause of high creatinine?

    High creatinine are typically indicative of insufficient kidney function. Potential causes of such dysfunction may include a kidney infection or glomerulonephritis, which refers to inflammation of the kidney structures responsible for filtering the blood.

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