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Patient Preparation:Semen sample should be collected in a sterile plastic container after masturbation with sexual abstinence of 2 to 7 days. Patient should wash and dry his urinary area before collecting the whole sample and submit within 30 minutes of collection. Care should be taken to evacuate the bladder before sample collection.Semen sample should be collected in a plastic sterile contianer with a screw top.

Semen Analysis test is done to know the number and quality of the sperms present in the ejaculate
  • Why Take this Test

    This test is done to evaluate the structure, number and functionality of the sperms along with other cellular and biochemical constituents

  • Is this Test For You

    Your doctor orders this test as a part of evaluating infertility. The test gives the sperm concentration, percentage of motile and immotile sperms, live and dead sperms, normal and abnormal sperms along with presence eof Agglutination, pH and presence and absence of Fructose

  • More Information

    Semen Analysis is done on a fully automated Semen Analyzer calibrated to 5th edition of WHO guidelines for reporting Semen Analysis.

Sample: Semen (3 mL)

Methodology: Automated and microscopy

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