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Test Details

Book VITAMIN D TOTAL (D2+D3) test in Mahbubnagar

Patient Preparation:No special preparation is required

VITAMIN D TOTAL (D2+D3) in Mahbubnagar
Vitamin D test is done to determine if you have a vitamin D deficiency.
  • Why Take this Test

    Low vitamin D can deeply affect your bone and muscle health that can further contribute to complex health problems. Hence, health care providers recommend he test if you have the above symptoms. Low vitamin D can increase risk of cardiovascular disease and breathing trouble.

    The reference method for vitamin D analysis has been LC-MS/ MS, which can measure vitamin D2, vitamin D3 separately which has therapeutic significance.

  • Is this Test For You

    Your doctor would recommend you to do a vitamin D test if you have the following symptoms:

    Bone Weakness

    Muscle Pain

    Hair Loss

    Fatigue & Tiredness

    Bone Weakness

  • More Information

    Vitamin D plays a vital role of absorbing calcium and maintaining strong bones for a lifetime. Vitamin D can be obtained from dietary sources as well as by breakdown of cholesterol in presence of direct sunlight.

Sample: Serum (2 mL)

Methodology: LCMS / MS