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Patient Preparation: Sample to be given after 2 Hrs. from the start of consumption of lunch


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Post-lunch glucose testor Postprandial Plasma Glucose Test is the perfect diagnostic test to gauge whether a patient is reacting positively to the presence of glucose in a blood sample. Book your slot today atVijaya diagnostic centre.

What is Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

Apost-lunch plasma glucose testis a mouthful but in simple words, it is a diagnostic test that allows experts to measure the glucose levels in a blood sample drawn from a patient who has had lunch recently. The goal of this test is simple. The test gauges how the patient’s body is reacting to the excess glucose levels in their blood after they have had their lunch.

Compared to a fasting blood glucose test, a post-lunch glucose test gives a clear picture of whether a patient is glucose intolerant or is suffering from type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes.

When You Need Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

Apost-lunch blood glucose testis essential when a doctor wants to know how a patient’s body is reacting to the excess glucose levels in their blood just after they have had a meal.

This test helps to diagnose whether the patient is on their way to becoming diabetic or to gauge whether the treatment prescribed to them to manage their diabetes is working or not.

For the best results, patients need to have their lunch at least two hours before a blood sample is drawn from them for apost-lunch glucose test.

What is Included in Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

A post-lunch plasma glucose test consists of a simple process of collecting a mere 2mL sample of blood from a patient. After that, the sample will be tested using the hexokinase method – a diagnostic method that is robust enough to give accurate plasma glucose estimation.

What is the Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test Used For?

Apost-lunch glucose testis a very efficient blood sugar test used to determine the quantity of glucose present in the blood of a patient especially when the patient has had a lunch that consisted of carbohydrate-rich food items.

What can be Detected in Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

A post-lunch plasma glucose test reveals whether the excess glucose present in the blood of a patient has any negative effects on the patient’s body. The test results can also reveal whether the patient is diabetic or whether the treatment to manage their diabetes is working or not.

How to Prepare for Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

The patient should consume their meal and wait for 2 hours before they give their blood sample for the test. If the patient is pregnant then she should ensure that her doctor knows about the health supplements, herbs or prenatal medication she is taking.

For more details, the patient should consult her doctor.

What are the Precautions for Post Lunch Plasma Glucose Test?

After taking their lunch, the patient should not eat or drink anything else. The patient should make sure that they have taken their lunch at least 2 hours before their blood sample is collected. The patient should be at rest and should not partake in any physical activity in a bid to keep the blood glucose levels high enough for the test ahead. Partaking in any physical activity would burn off the excess blood sugar levels and the test results would not yield the necessary results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Ppbs done after 2 hours?

A PPBS test is done 2 hours after a meal and is used to measure postprandial plasma. It may help you to understand if you're taking the right amount of insulin with meals. You must do the test 2 hours after you have finished eating a meal.

When should post-lunch blood sugar be checked?

Within 2 hours of eating, your insulin and blood glucose levels should return to normal. If your blood glucose levels remain high, you may have diabetes.

Can I drink water before the Ppbs test?

Yes, a patient can consume water before their post-lunch glucose test but the consumption of water should be in limited amounts.

Which is more important, fasting or postprandial?

As per experts, glucose levels increase after lunch. Hence, to gauge whether the patient is reacting positively or negatively to the elevated levels of glucose in their blood, a post-lunch glucose test is more important than a fasting glucose test.