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Test Details


Patient Preparation: Provide clinical history and antibiotic treatment history if any.

Culture & Sensitivity – Urine test is done to diagnose a urinary tract infection by Automated methods
  • Why Take this Test

    Urine Culture Sensitivity test is usually recommended by doctors when you have burning micturition or if you are urinating less than before. When the symptoms stay for a prolonged time, the doctors would suggest the test to understand the extent of the infection. If the urine infection increases, the person may also feel high fever and sudden chills. This test also helps the Physician to prescribe the right antibiotics for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

  • Is this Test For You

    Your doctor would ask you to get Culture & Sensitivity – Urine test when you face symptoms like:

    Painful urination with burning sensation

    Increased frequency of urination

    Urine that smells bad than usual

    Pain in the lower abdomen

    Unexpected fever

  • More Information

    Urine contains water and wastes that are produced by our kidneys in the body. It travels from our kidneys through ureters, which are tubes that are connected to our bladder and then is purged out of our bodies through the urethra. The urine culture test is a simple test of urine to detect the presence of any bacterial, viral or fungal infections, so as to diagnose the urinary tract infections.

Sample: Urine (10 mL)

Methodology: Semi Qualitative Standard loop, Maldi Tof & Vitek