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Book vitamin B12 test in Karimnagar

Vitamin B tests are ideal diagnostic tests to ascertain that your body has the necessary levels of vitam in B12. Book your vitamin B12 test slot today at Vijaya Diagnostics Centre.

What is vitamin B12 test?

A vitamin B12 blood test is a form of diagnostic test that is performed to measure the vitamin B12 level in the blood of a patient. If a person is suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency then they could soon become anaemic or suffer a torrent of problems that affects the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 is a member of the vitamin B family and is considered one of the most essential nutrients since it is directly responsible for -

  • Maintaining normal metabolism. Metabolism is the biological process through which the human body breaks down food to produce usable energy.
  • Making healthy blood cells
  • Keeping the nervous system in its prime
  • Keeping the heart in its prime and reducing the risks of heart disease by lowering LDL levels and increasing HDL levels.
  • In case one finds out that they are suffering from a deficiency of vitamin B12 then they should start consuming whole grains, bread, pasta, leafy green vegetables, lentils, etc.

    When do you need to take a vitamin B12 test?

    You would need to take a vitamin b12 test in Karimnagar or any other location for that matter when you are showing all the classic signs of vitamin B12 deficiency. For instance, if a patient is showing symptoms of a problematic nervous system or has the symptoms of anaemia then their doctor might prescribe this test. People can suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency as they age or if they have some pre-existing health problems.

    What is the process of a vitamin B12 test?

    The process of a vitamin B12 test is simple. A blood sample will be drawn from the arm of the patient. The blood sample would then be put on a centrifuge so that the serum can be separated from the other component of blood. Approximately 2 ml of serum would then be tested using the CLIA diagnostic methodology in a bid to ascertain that the patient’s body has medically permissible limits of vitamin B12. If that is not the case then appropriate steps will be taken by the doctor of the patient in a bid to keep the patient from suffering the ill effects of vitamin B12 deficiency!

    What is the use of a vitamin B12 test?

    A vitamin B12 blood test is ordered by a doctor when a patient is showing all the telltale signs of vitamin B12 deficiency or is showing all the classic signs of anaemia.

    What can be Detected in a vitamin B12 test?

    A vitamin B12 test measures the vitamin B12 levels in the blood sample drawn from the body of a patient. The test also helps doctors to diagnose whether a patient is suffering from a rare genetic disorder known as methylmalonic acidemia.

    If a patient suffers from frequent bouts of vomiting, remains severely dehydrated despite drinking a lot of water, and suffers from delayed cognitive development then this test will prove whether the patient needs to be treated for methylmalonic acidemia.

    How to Prepare for a vitamin B12 test?

    Preparing for a vitamin B12 test is simple. Doctors recommend patients taking this test refrain from eating or drinking anything for at least eight hours before a sample is taken for the test.

    What are the Precautions for a vitamin B12 test?

    As per the professional opinion of doctors, patients who need to take this test don’t need to take any precautionary steps. However, one must let their doctor or the professional who draws the blood sample about medications, vitamins or natural health supplements that one takes daily.


    Well, vitamin supplements, natural health supplements and certain medications can alter the test results.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the use of a vitamin B12 test?

    With the help of this test, doctors can make sure that a patient is not suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency and its subsequent negative effects.

    How do you confirm vitamin B12 deficiency?

    The best way to confirm vitamin B12 deficiency in a person is to subject a blood sample taken from the person to the vitamin B12 diagnostic test.

    What is the normal vitamin B12 level?

    The normal vitamin B12 levels in the blood of a young person should be between 200 pg/mL - 900 pg/mL. In the elderly, vitamin B12 levels should be between 300 - 350 pg/mL, as per the professional opinion of doctors.

    Is vitamin B12 deficiency serious?

    Yes, if a person has low levels of vitamin B 12 in their body then they are at a higher risk of getting diagnosed with serious neurological problems and would suffer from vision problems, frequent bouts of memory loss, etc

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