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Test Details


Patient Preparation: Overnight fasting required

This test is done to diagnose Type 2 Diabetes & Gestational Diabetes.
  • Why Take this Test

    The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was the gold standard for making the diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes. It is still commonly used during pregnancy for diagnosing gestational diabetes

  • Is this Test For You

    It is useful for diagnosing and managing diabetes mellitus and other carbohydrate metabolism disorders including gestational diabetes, neonatal hypoglycaemia, idiopathic hypoglycaemia, and pancreatic islet cell carcinoma

  • More Information

    The most common disease related to carbohydrate metabolism is diabetes mellitus, which is characterized by insufficient blood levels of active insulin. Symptoms include polyuria, abnormally elevated blood and urine glucose values, excessive thirst, constant hunger, sudden weight loss, and possibly elevated blood and urine ketones. Complications from diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in India.

Sample: Fluoride Plasma PP (2 mL)

Methodology: Hexokinase