Vision & Mission
At Vijaya, we are guided by our vision and philosophy of:

Offering reliable and accurate diagnostic services to our customers, at affordable prices, in a customer centric manner

Keeping pace with the technological advances in diagnostics and offering our customers access to the latest developments in diagnostic medicare

Complying with the most stringent quality and ethical norms and ensuring a human touch to our services

Nuclear Medicine is an advanced and specialized imaging modality that allows analysis of the functionality and structure of organs like brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and bone etc, bones or tissues by using radiopharmaceuticals and imaging by a Gamma Camera. Today, it has vital applications in various fields including the diagnosis & treatment of Cancer, Heart disease, Thyroid disorders, Renal & Liver disease and many other areas.

The Nuclear Medicine department at Vijaya, is approved by the AERB (under the Department of Atomic Energy) and is equipped with the most advanced and state of the art GE Infinia Hawkeye Dual Head SPECT Gamma Camera with a built in multi slice helical CT scanner.

The GE Infinia "Hawkeye" system offers:

  • 1.  Fastest scan cycle times and unparalleled clinical flexibility with an open design, for patient comfort

  • 2.  Optimized imaging performance, at lower patient doses provides diagnostic confidence

  • 3.  SPECT/CT enables fusion of the anatomical and functional information for clinical diagnosis broad
          coverage and 1’ etched detectors to enable high, medium and low energy imaging of the highest


Diagnosing and planning treatment for cancer, heart or brain disease requires technology that lives up to the challenge. With the highest sensitivity in the industry the Discovery STS 100 has set new standards in image quality. This helps in accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for patients.
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